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We would like to introduce our company PT.KOSGORO SOLIDARITAS INTERNASIONAL which is located in Indonesia and having main businesses for Property and supply of profesional labor, particularly for Construction, Fabrication, Operation, Turn Around/Shutdown, Maintenance, and/or EPCI projects which is dealing with Mining, Oil & Gas, Refinery, and Power Plant project as well.

We have been experiencing to supply skilled workforce, experience, Property and certified professional labor to the overseas.

We are hoping this introduction will create a good and long term relationship/collaborate with yours, and to be mutual partner. We are ready to supports and participate in your projects in your country and other countries.
With good management and performance of our staffs and engineers we will deliver cost efficiency and effectiveness to our clients.
If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. And we are looking forwar…
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Established in 2012, PT. KOSGORO SOLIDARITAS INTERNASIONAL as Human Resources Development Consultant Agency is a fast expanding recruitment agency providing the staffing link between job seekers and employers with the aim to successfully match both parties for a perfect job fit.

PT. KOSGORO SOLIDARITAS INTERNASIONAL offers a variety of recruitment services designed to meet our client's requirements. Our tailored customer service means the right manpower when required and within your budget.
Using our market knowledge we deliver timely and accurate recruitment solutions that work.

We value the importance of a 'single point of contact.' We have structured our business so that each of our career consultants can provide you with the very best and informed expertise; whether your remit to us is permanent "success based" recruitment, fully retained Search & Selection or Client Paid Advertising and Campaign Management.

Augment this with the support of one of the Indon…


The Recruitment Sources in the recruitment process are the sources of candidates. Generally, PT.KOSGORO SOLIDARITAS INTERNASIONAL Function recognizes two main sources of candidates for the job positions: internal and external sources of candidates.
The internal recruitment sources are very important, but they cannot be used to fill every vacancy in the organization. It is very important to realize, that in many organization, the internal recruitment is divided into two separate processes: internal recruitment and promotions. The promotion is the move of the employee when the organization initiates the whole process. The real internal recruitment is than a move of the employee initiated by the employee him or herself.

The external recruitment sources bring job candidates from the external environment using different techniques. The oldest, but still pretty efficient is a newspaper job advertisement. Many Professionals do not believe in the power of the newspaper advertising, …